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***Adventurers may take up to 3 months for delivery.***


The Tuffr Adventurer is constructed with a four layer system; Our Top sheet is a thick 18oz Vinyl, than an insert of 3oz high quality open cell urethane foam provides the cushioning to support you or your stuff, next an insert of one sixteenth of an inch High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) sheet to add stiffness, and protection from rough ground, the final layer is an extra thick 40 oz Vinyl, some of the heaviest duty Vinyl.

The top layer is Radio Frequency Welded to the extremely durable bottom sheet extending beyond the padding and HDPE. Ergonomically placed handles are Die Cut into the two layers around the perimeter; creating many carry or tie down points that are strong, and comfortable to carry.  Also, we put grommets on the corners.  You can add more if you like.

Like all of the Tuff products, the Tuffr Adventurer is Easy to Clean!  Hygienic, Air Tight, UV Resistant, Mold Resistant, Resists Abrasion, withstands Extreme Temperatures, and it Floats!

The Tuffr Adventurer makes your Adventure lifestyle much more Comfortablr.


During the vigorous usage of the Tuffr Veterinary Small Animal Stretcher, we discovered that this design has a much larger load capacity.  I soon found out that we could lift and carry a small person with the small animal stretcher, and this logically led to the invention of the Tuffr Adventurer.

The Tuffr Adventurer is a Human Sized Pad capable of a myriad of uses.  Not only can it carry a full sized person, it can be used for all kinds of things.  You can carry, or drag  gear of all types: firewood, coolers, each other, and lots of adventure!  With the Tuffr Adventurer You can literally pick up women (or men).  We use the Adventurer when rafting, camping, and Mountaineering, Bouldering, and even Sledding.  My friend, a mobile mechanic, discovered he can use it in the winter as a “creeper” to slide under vehicles for servicing. Hunters are using them to drag their game out of the backcountry.  We float down the river on them!

Truly, we have not yet explored the potential uses of this unique product.  Get one today, and tell us what you are using it for.


Sizes represent sleeping area (Foam Size)
Small 58″ x 24″
Medium 72″ x 24″
Large 78″ x 30″ 

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Small 58" x 24", Medium 72" x 24", Large 78" x 30"


Grey, Sandstone, Lt Blue, Dark Blue, Lime Green, Dark Purple, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink

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  1. Mike

    Can’t say enough good things about the tuffr products. Truly amazing! Bomber! Use it as a dog bed, use for a sleep mat, and I use it as a creeper when working on my truck in the driveway or out on the trail! They have a lifetime supporter here! Thanks for the great product!

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