The Tuffr Vet Bed is…

Custom Made to Order

Each bed is made to your exact specifications. Use our easy ordering form to choose the sizes you need.


Foreign materials are easily removed. If soiled, just wipe with a cloth and sanitizing solution without disturbing the patient.

Cost Effective

Reduces the need for multiple towels which will dramatically decrease your laundry costs.

Comfortable for the Patient

Pleasant, PVC-coated polyester that is smooth and comfortable to the touch. Made with a Single Piece of High Resilient lofting material that is orthopedic and heat retaining for patient comfort.

Featured Products

The Tuffr VetBed- 2 Inch

The Optimal Small Animal Recovery Platform Custom Sized Veterinary Small Animal Bed by Tuffr. Order to fit any kennel or table. Durable, Sanitizable, Fluid Proof, Heat Retaining & Comfortable. Simply the most sensible product to bridge the gap between patient comfort and care. A high quality lofting inner material and hermetically sealed jacket cover with

The Tuffr Veterinary Small Animal Stretcher

The Tuffr Veterinary Small Animal Stretcher has all of the innovative features of the Tuffr Veterinary Pad, along with comfortable handles and a reinforced bottom to create the Tuffr Cradling Effect when carrying small animals. This Stretcher is easy to clean, completely sanitizable, will not absorb liquids or fluids of any type, and is extremely durable and resilient.

Jill like this bed.

The cushioning is great and the material is hard to damage and easy to clean and disinfect.

Suzanne Barnes, DVM-OWNER, Eagle Valley Pet Hospital

As a CVT I love these Tuffr Vet Pads because my patients are comfortable. I also love them because they are easy to clean. I have even used them as my bed while caring for critical patients.

Megan Schey,  CVT

The Tuffr Vet Stretcher is so useful in surgery. It works Great for moving patients from the surgery table to the recovery cage and for sick patients. It is super durable and easy to clean as well. It is a great addition to our practice.

Lauren Richman, DVM

I love all the colorful pads,,,

The Tuffr Vet Pads have been extremely durable (daily use for over two years now) and are easy to wipe clean. Plus a non-slip surface for our patients.

Christa Lloyd-DVM

Frisco Animal Hospital LOVES TUFFR dog beds. We have been equipped with them for several years and couldn’t imagine operating without them. 

-Shawna Castillo, Hospital Manager

Frisco Animal Hospital