Maybe it is the thin air way up here in Breckenridge Colorado. But up at 9600 feet high we are just crazy about animals. Especially dogs. We take them everywhere, including rafting, skiing, hiking, & we even bring them to work. And I’m about as crazy as the (rest) -lot- of us. I’d rather spend time with my four golden retrievers then most people (of course that depends on the people). 

My name is Mark Pumarlo and TUFFR is my company. I made my first dog bed out of necessity. As beautiful as it is up here the weather is ever changing and challenging. I was never satisfied with the options available for proper dog bedding. So I set out to make the ultimate dog bed. It was a goal that took me several years to achieve. After many, many prototypes, rigorous testing, and with advice from Veterinarians, Groomers, Breeders, Sportsmen, Building Contractors & everyday dog owners, I know I have created “The Best Dog Bed You Will Ever own.”

Now have worked my tail off to make these durable and waterproof dog beds available to you. So you can provide your four legged family member and most durable, comfortable, long lasting bed ever.

Shop around. Ask other crazy dog lovers. You will not find a higher quality American made (or other) dog bed. If you do let me know. “This may be the last dog bed you ever have to buy”. These beds come with a 1 year warranty. If you find that with another dog bed “let me know”.

We manufacture our products in small town (ma and pa) American factories. Our beds are made by American workers in American factories.

My beds have found their way into veterinarian hospitals and clinics. Where they “help to heal”. And now the vets “let me know” “they just won’t do without them”.

My mission is to offer the absolute best pet products, along with an extraordinary buying and owning experience. This is one way I can to give back to the animals that give us humans so much. And here is another, I give 5% of profits to animal care organizations.

Oh yah, these beds are not cheap. So get over it. You’ll get what you pay for! And if you ever feel otherwise “let me know about it.”

I am proud to bring dog lovers a safe, durable, American-made bed that is sure to please the pickiest pet.


The Crazy Dog Guy

AKA Mark Pumarlo