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***Animal Stretchers may take up to 3 months for delivery.***

The Tuffr Veterinary Small Animal Stretcher has all of the innovative features of the Tuffr Veterinary Pad, along with comfortable handles and a reinforced bottom to create the Tuffr Cradling Effect when carrying small animals. This Stretcher is easy to clean, completely sanitizable, will not absorb liquids or fluids of any type, and is extremely durable and resilient.

The Tuffr Veterinary Stretcher for small animals is an unique product. Currently, most Veterinary Technicians use blankets, towels or manhandle/arm cradle to move small animals from one part of the clinic/hospital/office/facility to another.

Tuffr Dog Beds have been selling their Tuffr Vet/Pet Pads to many different Veterinary Offices/Hospitals/Clinics/laboratories for many years. After seeing veterinary technicians (VT’s) using the Tuffr Vet Pads to carry the small animals around the facility, as well as to recovery in the kennel, Tuffr decided to create a well designed product for this new Veterinary Stretcher application.

We took our Wipe Clean, Ultra smooth finished 18 oz, PVC Coated Nylon Fabrc from the Tuffr Vet Pad and we created 12 (twelve) handles around the entire perimeter for the VT’s to securely carry the pad containing their precious cargo. Also, we stiffened the Stretcher by adding a 1/16” sheet of HDPE plastic sheet that creates the Tuffr Cradling effect, a comforting hug with a geometric conical shape during transport of small animals. All the while providing a continual pressure point free and heat retaining platform during entire procedure/visit including: emergency transport, exam, x-ray, cat scan, MRI, presurgical, surgical, post surgical, recovery and rehabilitation. Sized to fit perfectly with most standard veterinary exam and surgical tables, gerness and kennels/crates.

The result is The Tuffr Veterinary Stretcher for Small Animals.

The Tuffr Veterinary Stretcher for Small Animals is constructed in a four layer system: Our top sheet is a thick 18 oz gray vinyl sheet, then, a insert of 3 oz high quality open cell urethane foam (made from 70% post consumer materials, usually recycled plastic bottles) provides the cushioning that will not go flat for its high resilient properties, so it will keep its loft and comfortability. Next a insert of 1/16” HDPE layer which adds stiffness/rigidity/conical geometric shape. And finally the bottom sheet is a extra thick 40 0z black vinyl sheet.

The top 18 oz gray vinyl is RF welded to the extremely durable bottom sheet of 40 oz black vinyl. 12 ergonomical Die Cut Handles placed around the perimeter where the two layers are RF welded, 4 each side and 2 each end.

The Tuffr Veterinary Stretcher for Small Animals is the proper and easy way to keep all types of small animals mobilize at a moments notice. Calming, comfortable and heat retaining for the patient. Ease of use and Patient control for the Vet Techs. Easy to clean, completely sanitizable, will not absorb liquids/fluids of any type, and is extremely durable and resilient. Will provide years and years of service.

The Tuffr Veterinary Stretcher for small animals is also resistant to: microbes, viruses, bacteria, molds, mildews, fleas, ticks, abrasions, tearing, scratching, color fading(UV) and extreme temperatures.

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1 review for Tuffr Animal Stretcher – Small and Large

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Justin Milizio

    This is a quality product we are so glad we found Mark and his company. The stretcher is thin and easy to slide an immobilized animal on to. It also has lots of padding so you can keep painful animals on it as a bed without moving them again. I would recommend this product to any veterinary facility.

    Justin Milizio, DVM
    Silverthorne Veterinary Hospital, Colorado

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