The Tuffr Story


My name is Mark Pumarlo and TUFFR is my company. I made my first dog bed out of necessity. As beautiful as it is up here in the High Rockies, the weather is ever changing and challenging. I was never satisfied with the options available for proper dog bedding that would stand up to the rigors of my outdoor lifestyle. So I set out to make the ultimate dog bed. It was a goal that took me several years to achieve. After many, many prototypes, rigorous testing, and with advice from Veterinarians, Groomers, Breeders, Sportsmen, Building Contractors and everyday dog owners, I created the Tuffr Dog Bed.


Tuffr Dog Beds quickly found their way into veterinary hospitals and clinics. Where they “help to heal”. And now those veterinarians tell me they “just won’t do without them”. We quickly discovered that Small Animal Care is the perfect environment for a waterproof, chew resistant, wipe clean, custom made dog bed.


With Small Animal Care in mind, Tuffr designed the Tuffr VetBed. A waterproof, sanitizable and extremely durable VetBed that can be custom ordered in any size, and several thicknesses. This flexibility allows Small Animal Caregivers to order Tuffr VetBeds to fit any Kennel, Crate, Exam Table or Gurney.


The padding in the Tuffr VetBed is made of a single piece of densified polyester fiber that will not shift or bunch inside the cover. The padding will not absorb fluids even in the very unlikely event the cover is punctured.


The cover of the Tuffr VetBed is made of PVC coated nylon that is 18mm thick, with welded seams that are concealed to resist chewing temptation. This construction is inspired and developed with the same technology and construction as the River Rafting industry. Tuffr wanted and obtained the most durable material available for the Tuffr VetBed. There are no zippers or openings to allow the absorption of fluids. The Tuffr VetBed is Fluid Proof and Wipe Clean Sanitizable. It can be rinsed off and used on a wet table.
My mission is to offer the absolute best pet products, along with an extraordinary buying and owning experience.




A.K.A Mark Pumarlo