Tuffr Veterinarian Small Animal Stretcher Development Story


Tuffr is constantly working with Veterinarians, and Technicians in order to assure satisfaction and to improve the Tuffr Products. We observed how Veterinarians and their staff members were using our Tuffr VetBeds in Kennels, on Tables, and even during Wet Table procedures.


We also saw Vet Techs using Towels to move small animals from the Tuffr VetBed on the tables, to the kennel for recovery on another Tuffr VetBed. The caregivers almost all said that the least comfortable part of the procedure for both the animals and the Techs was the Towel Carry. The obvious solution was a Tuffr VetBed with handles.


After testing many prototypes, and soliciting the feedback of several Veterinarians other Small Animal Care Professionals, Tuffer has developed the Tuffr Veterinary Small Animal Stretcher.


This Stretcher is the perfect tool for both transport and care of Small Animals. It has plenty of padding for patient comfort. The comfortable carry handles on all the edges allow for the comfortable and safe carrying of Small Animals.


The top layer of the Tuffr Veterinary Small Animal Stretcher is made of 18 ounce polyvinylchloride (PVC) coated nylon. The bottom layer is a thicker 40 ounce polyvinylchloride (PVC) coated nylon for strength of the handles. A single piece of Densified (Polyester) Fiber that will not shift or bunch up comforts the patient. The Tuffr Stretcher has an extra layer of 1/16th high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic sheet under the padding to create the Tuffr Cradling Effect when carrying Small Animals. This Tuffr Cradling Effect allows for safe carrying without strapping the patient down.


The Tuffr Veterinary Small Animal Stretcher is the perfect tool to complete the Veterinary Care tool kit. This Stretcher can be used for transport, procedural care, and recovery. Available in two sizes to accommodate most small animals and exam/wet tables. It is fluid proof, sanitizable, and comfortable for both the patient and the caregiver.


Tuffr VetBeds and Stretchers come with a guarantee against any manufacturer’s defects.