Common Questions

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Are Tuffr Vet Pads chew-proof?


As any Small Animal Care Professional can tell you, There is no safe chew-proof fabric on this planet that is suitable for the small animal care environment. If there was, we would be making Vet Beds from it! However, the materials used to make Tuffr products are among the absolute toughest fabrics available. We have received tremendous feedback from our customers, many of whom have declared that Tuffr Products are tough.

What’s Inside the Tuffr Vet Pad?Tuffr_Inside-300x300



The Tuffr VetPad is constructed with a Single Piece of Densified Polyester Fiber.  This DPF is very lightweight, highly resilient, and will not absorb fluids or moisture.  The Hydrophobic nature of this Fiber prevents molds & mildews.  The Single Piece design keeps the padding in place, even when subjected to vigorous digging.


What is the air valve for?


Tuff VetPads & Tuffr Stretcher both have Pressure Equalization Valves (PEV) .  When the PEV is closed this product is AIR TIGHT.  However due to this fact pressure equalization is sometimes necessary. The product can expand and/or contract as it is subjected to normal changes of air pressure.  The valve should remain in “closed/plugged” position while using these products.

Are there any zippers or Velcro®?


No. The Tuffr is ONE unit. By eliminating these types of troublesome closures, we were able to create a bed that is less tempting to chewers, lasts longer and is a snap to clean. Cleaning involves hosing or wiping the bed down with stuffing still inside.

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Will the Tuffr go lumpy inside?


No. The inside is constructed with a single piece of Densified Fiber that will not bunch or shift.

Do Tuffr products have a weight limit?


Tuffr products have been tested and are recommended for up to 200 lbs.

How do I clean Tuffr VetPads and Stretchers.

Tuffr VetPads and Stretchers are “Wipe Clean”.



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